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Autonomia is a video and data streaming cloud platform to enable mobility intelligence in connected autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars.

Why we're here

Our mission is to create a video cloud platform that makes powerful IoT and AI tools available to the new generation of connected autonomous vehicles.

What we offer

Our platform is at the intersection of IoT with video streaming, autonomous driving and machine learning. The Autonomia cloud platform lies on proven proprietary IoT technology developed in the course of several year, Cometa link, and adopted in connected products. In the Autonomia platform the mobility and video streaming and management have been added to a proven IoT platform. Also, we are incorporating elements related to use of deep learning to enable cloud sensors and assist autonomous driving.


Autonomous Vehicles

Cloud sensors and real-time data with video streaming to make your switch to autonomia

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Missions analysis and playback of paths from and acquired video


Telemetry and real-time video for remote operations and control


Cloud-based ground control station, fleet management with video streaming.

Who we are

We are a mix of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced engineers with a passion for autonomous vehicles, IoT, cloud software, and motivated to shape the future of transportation.

Marco Graziano
CEO & Founder
James Smith
Embedded Engineering

Coming Soon! Sign up for our free private beta.

We are opening up our video cloud API to qualified beta users at the end of April for free. If you have an exciting application in automotive, robotics, or drones sign up indicating your application and intended use of Autonomia. Documentation and open source samples are available on Github https://github.com/aut0n0mia link.

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Where we are

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the City of Palo Alto, California, USA.

530 Lytton Ave., 2nd Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94301